Ready Reckoner

Outdoor Play Areas:

The cost for the construction of an outdoor play area changes depending on the size of the space (and  any existing features). Each child requires 7m² of unencumbered outdoor space.
This table provides a rough guide for calculating firstly the children:outdoor space ratio your centre requires, and secondly the approximate cost of the total outdoor play area construction package. Naturally, if a partial play area already exists, the cost is lower. Every centre is unique and the total cost will vary (for instance level changes are costly to build).
 Ready Reckoner Table

Worked example, demonstrating cost spread:
A Child Care Centre has 60 children, and the appropriate 420m² of outdoor space (undesigned previously). The total cost of $201,600 would be divided as follows:
$67,200 = Equipment and items (decks, slides, cubbies etc.)
$67,200 = Under-surfacing – rubber, mulch, sand, artificial turf
$67,200 = “Everything Else” – planting, shade structures, drainage, fencing etc.

The distribution of costs is clearly depicted in the landscape design for your centre. Design costs are a separate consideration to this Ready Reckoner. There is nothing better than a well executed design to understand the actual costs in developing your landscape.

DISCLAIMER: This Ready Reckoner has been developed to assist estimation of construction costs, and by no means represents definitive costs for your centre. This is a guide for you to establish budgets for your centre.