Horizontal Blackboard

27 / 03 / 18

Why do we always think children want to draw on a fixed vertical blackboard? Here is an idea: a horizontal blackboard on castors (which lock)! This blackboard can move to where play is taking place, and children can integrate their chalk drawings  with an activity.

Drawing on a horizontal plane allows at least 4 children to draw at once, at their level. Drawing on a vertical blackboard often limits the number of children able to access the board, as well as the child’s own height limiting their drawing field. A horizontal drawing surface has no limitations for the participants!

Functional tips: additional timber blocks are useful to prevent see-sawing of the board, and locks on the castors are critical to immobilise the board while in use.

This inexpensive item could be made by your local men’s shed group, or by Timber Creations. Children can use the blackboard to artistically express themselves, to problem solve, or as a handy platform for loose parts play. Children will always surprise you with their imagination!

Other popular ideas for horizontal blackboards are giant cable drums and picnic tables. Depending on their size and your own creativity, these could be portable too!

A large cable drum painted with blackboard paint to give you a portable blackboard table wherever you need it inside or out. 75cm dia x 37cm high. Rec 3+ Yrs
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