7 / 3 / 17


There should be a set of wind chimes in every outdoor learning area in a child care centre. Why wind chimes, you ask?

Wind chimes provide the perfect sensory awareness moment to a very young child. When a breeze blows, the chimes provide a wonderful result: a melody! The child will begin to appreciate the connection – witnessing one phenomenon, the wind, lead to another, the music.

Chimes are a delight to listen to, and beautiful to look at, and do not take up much room. The right sort of chimes are soft, and tuned to a pentatonic scale, i.e. which ever note is struck is in in harmony with the previous note, avoiding discordant clanging chimes. We intuitively know the right sort of chimes – they are the type where the child is filled with wonderment, gazing transfixed at the chimes, listening intently.

I recently discovered Koshi Wind Chimes – the perfect addition to any centre. The tunes played are exquisite; gentle, soft, evocative, mysterious, and always different.

What a perfect addition to a natural outdoor setting for children!