Outdoor Beanbags

23 / 5 / 17

Outdoor beanbags

Bean bags are ideal items for those magical indoor/outdoor spaces in your childcare centre. They have a flexibility of use which can range from a cushion for reading, a definition for space making, or something fun to mould and play with!

These bean bags from Beanbags & Beyond (New Zealand) can withstand the elements due to their Sur Last fabric, which has a 3 year guarantee! They are washable and available in a variety of neutral colours. The neutral colours works well for indoor and outdoor use as they suit each setting – as brighter colours are more associative with only indoor furnishings.

Bean bags can be a wonderful addition to your childcare centre as they create a sense of home, while offering multiple play experiences and facilitating learning opportunities (reading or discussion circles etc.). There should be enough bean bags available for children to share and for the bean bags to be used in more than one space.

New Shoots Children’s Centre have got a large number of these bean bags at their Pakuranga Centre, as seen in the image below. A wonderful example of how bean bags can complement your childcare centre!