Post Boxes

21 / 2 / 17

Why are post boxes soooo wonderful, and why should your centre have one?

There is nothing so satisfying as the act of sliding a long thin envelope into a dark slot in a bright red box, and hearing the soft ‘thunk’ of it dropping beyond your sight! Into the box! That pleasure is so innate that it can be done over and over without being boring.

_DOS5396 watermarked

Is it all about the letter? Well, letters are delicious… a personal missive in its own envelope, from me to you. Letters are full of promise and discovery – what message will they have for you? Besides being fun, they teach young children so much – letter recognition, communication skills, writing skills, and even more importantly perhaps –  sharing joy and important emotions like empathy. Because we tend to write letters to people when they need congratulating, or celebrating an event, or feeling unwell or have lost someone dear to them.

stamp frank

What then is an address, and where is that place in the world? Envelopes have stamps – such lovely pictures! What is that for? And the lovely patterns of franking…what does it all mean…

So, putting a jolly red mailbox in your centre’s outdoor area offers so much to a child. Place it where it is fun to walk up to it and post something e.g. just off a path. Ensure that there is a small door at the back of the letterbox that can be easily opened after a letter has been posted; it is just so much fun opening the door and finding a letter!

A simple box like this is hours of fun, will prompt imaginary play (e.g. being a postman) and is inexpensive