Talking about play…

The last couple of months have been extremely busy in the office of Fiona Robbé Landscape Architects!

Projects are being designed, finalised, constructed and opened left, right and centre! We are so excited by the new projects and their design challenges, and so proud of the progress and completion of playgrounds all over Sydney – delivering fun spaces for kids, teenagers and families is what we’re passionate about!!

Among this, Fiona has continuously attended Conferences and Symposiums, nationally and internationally. Autumn especially has been choc-a-block with talk writing and presenting, as Fiona had the honour of being keynote speaker at two conferences! This was great recognition of what she represents to the industry, as a thought leader.

First was the PLA SA/NT State Conference in Adelaide (30-31 March). “It’s In Our Nature” challenged how the future of our planet, in part, depends on children connecting with nature (illustrations from which have been posted on the blog previously). She was also part of the expert discussion panel on place making and nature play! It was a thought provoking and insightful conference, covering many topics.

Second was at the New Zealand Recreation Association Playspaces Conference (29 April-1 May). For this conference Fiona presented her keynote talk “Play Provision in Tomorrow’s World” which emphasised how play connects children to the environment and beauty of our planet, and their importance as the generation who must act on global climate crises. She also presented within the body of talks in the conference, on “Getting the Brief Sorted” and “Playspace Experience, Elements and Values”. The three day conference covered several important and relevant topics, creating a “soup” of similar thought on children, the future and play!

On Wednesday 24th June AILA hosted a Talkfest on Early Childhood, motivated by our office. Fiona presented her talk “Ridgid Bridges and Stepping Stones: Joining the dots in Early Childhood Center Landscape Design”

Also, this month we welcome Julie to our team! She is a graduate Landscape Architect of UniTech in Auckland New Zealand. We are proud to have her here and develop her interest and knowledge on design for play!


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